2014 Ford Explorer 

Drivers in Arlington Heights and Schaumburg should consider the reliability and durability of a used Ford Explorer when searching for a new vehicle. These vehicles have stood the test of time, and they always come out on top. They can handle the brutal Midwest weather conditions and still provide you with the style and comfort you need in a vehicle. At Arlington Heights Ford, we have a large inventory of used Ford Explorers for you to choose from, so come to the dealership and see why this is a great vehicle choice for you.


What Are You Looking For?



Current Generation

Time and technology have certainly changed the Ford Explorer for the better. The current generation of Ford Explorers have resulted in many improvements to the vehicle, from design, to technology, to safety. The latest generation has more innovative technology features, including audio systems, LCD screens, rearview cameras, and voice-activated features to ensure your hands stay on the wheel at all times.

This generation also has more safety features. Aside from the rearview camera, this generation has more standard airbags than any previous generation, and also includes other safety options, such as lane assist technology. 

The design of this generation has also changed in an impressive way. Ford ditched the boxed style and instead gave the Ford Explorer a more rounded appeal. This is not only attractive on the eye, but it's also great for aerodynamics and maneuverability. In addition, changes to the fuel tank and engine allow this vehicle to get better gas mileage.

While the Ford Explorer has seen so many changes, it's still the same durable and reliable vehicle as it was before. The latest generation still has a powerful engine that allows it to tackle roads anywhere, any time. This generation can go off-roading or stay on Arlington Heights or Schaumburg streets, and it can still haul cargo like it could back in 1991.



Buy Used

Some drivers may have a stigma against used vehicles, but the used Ford Explorer is a great vehicle for any driver. Every generation of this vehicle was built with durability in mind, which is why so many Ford Explorers from every generation are still on the road today. Every generation has its own unique style, but each one can perform exceptionally well when it comes to safety and handling.

At Arlington Heights Ford, we have a large inventory of used Ford Explorers from every generation just waiting to prove to you why it's one of the best. Come to our dealership to see our used inventory, or call us at 888-781-4258 to schedule a test drive. You can see every Ford Explorer generation and determine which one makes the most sense for your Arlington Heights or Schaumburg driving needs. Our team will be there every step of the way too to ensure you make the right decision.