What Hybrid Options Does Ford Have to Offer?

Ford has an arsenal of hybrid options to offer:

  • Fusion: Gas & Electric combined, averages about 40 MP
  • Fusion Plugin: All electric

In the near future, Ford is expected to have a hybrid options for every type of vehicle it manufactures.

How Long Do Tires Last?

This is based on a number of different things:

  • Car brand
  • Car model
  • Tire brand
  • How far you drive a year
  • Your driving habits

Given these factors, every person's tires will have a different life expectancy. However, at Ford, we have the flexibility to sell you whatever type of tire you might need. Whether it's a family vehicle or sports car, we can help.

Should I Get My Car Serviced at the Ford Dealership?

We would recommend getting your car serviced at a Ford Dealership. All of our Ford technicians are Ford Certified, our parts are Motorcraft parts, and our work is under warranty. Our price is right in line with competitors for many services, if not cheaper.

Is Ford the Best-Selling Truck in America?

Although opinions vary from person to person, the numbers don't. In 2018, Ford sold over 909,000 Ford F-150s, making it the best-selling truck, and vehicle, in America. In fact, the F-150 outsold its runner up by over 370,000 units.

This depends on your personal wants and needs. Whether you need a vehicle for your first child, or one to get you across the country on a family vacation, Ford has you covered.