Thinking of investing in the 2017 Ford Super Duty truck for your small business in Schaumburg? It's equipped with a full suite of advanced Ford technology to keep you on track and in control. Check it out today from Arlington Heights Ford.


The 2017 Ford Super Duty truck is packed with advanced features for perfect performance and excellent control. The AdvanceTrac with Roll Stability Control and Trailer Sway Control uses gyroscopic sensors to determine the stability of your truck. When it senses that you might be in danger of understeer, oversteer, or roll, it applies selective wheel braking and reduced engine power in order to maintain your stability. The Trailer Sway Control feature helps keep the trailer in sync with your truck, so you don't need to worry so much about braking and steering while keeping your trailer in tow.

The class-exclusive Trailer Reverse Guidance system uses cameras to help you keep track of your trailer. Cameras are placed in the sideview mirrors, with visual guides and dynamic guidelines that follow the movements of your steering wheel. The digitally expanded camera view lets you see the side of your trailer, as well as an enhanced rear view. You can also opt for an additional camera to be placed on the rear of the trailer, letting you keep track of the rear of your vehicle easily.



The 2017 Ford Super Duty truck is fully equipped with a suite of features to keep you connected and engaged. The Ford Sync 3 system lets you hook up your smartphone or mobile device to your in-vehicle computer, so you can listen to your favorite media or use your favorite apps that keep you in touch with the word. In-vehicle navigation uses real-time GPS information and 3D mapping to keep you on track, with enhanced voice recognition that lets you use natural commands to find addresses and destinations. Smart software and high-speed performance mean you'll get instant response, while the capacitive touchscreen lets you use familiar touch and swipe gestures.


The 2017 Ford Super Duty truck is equipped with driver awareness features to keep you safe and secure. Lane departure warning uses a special camera to track the lane lines on the road, and determines when you're drifting from your lane without having signaled. When it detects you drifting, it sends vibrations through your steering wheel that mimic the feel of a rumble strip.

Adaptive Cruise Control uses a radar camera to scan the speed of the vehicle ahead of you by determining the following distance between you and the other vehicle when cruise control is engaged. If it detects that you're too close to avoid a collision, it slows your truck automatically, and then resumes your preset speed when traffic speeds up.  Finally, the collision warning system precharges the brakes and applies brake pressure in case you don't react in time.

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