2016 Ford Expedition Blue Jeans

There are a lot of full size SUVs out on the market today, but for most drivers in Arlington Heights and Schaumburg, the choice will probably come down to the 2016 Ford Expedition vs. the 2016 GMC Yukon. However, while these may seem like comparable vehicles at first, upon closer inspection it becomes clear that in terms of power, space, and performance, the Expedition is the far superior choice. Check out this in-depth breakdown, and we're sure you'll agree that the 2016 Ford Expedition is the top full-size SUV on the market today.



In the areas that rugged SUV enthusiasts care most about, the 2016 Ford Expedition clearly edges out the 2016 GMC Yukon. In terms of towing capacity, the Expedition has a maximum payload capacity of 1698 lbs, leagues more than the Yukon's limp 1551 lbs of maximum payload capacity. And the standard 3.5L EcoBoost V6 engine on the Expedition achieves superior gas mileage to the Yukon while still delivering more horsepower than the Yukon and better torque. On top of that, all these advantages come at a much lower price: the 2016 Ford Expedition can be yours for only $45,435 MSRP, significantly less than the Yukon's MSRP ($48,315).

2016 Ford Expedition2016 GMC Yukon
18 mpg17 mpg
365 hp355 hp
420 lb.-ft of torque383 lb.-ft of torque


2016 Ford Expedition Front Interior

When you're looking for a full size SUV, you don't want a vehicle that's going to skimp on cargo space. The 2016 Expedition has you completely covered on this angle: it offers an impressive 108.3 cu.-ft of cargo space, so you have plenty of room to take whatever you need on any adventure. The 2016 Yukon, on the other hand, only comes with a paltry 94.7 cu.-ft of interior space. The last thing you want in a full size SUV is inferior space, so why settle for anything less than what the 2016 Ford Expedition provides?


Beyond that, the Expedition also offers a number of standard features that are either only available in the more expensive trims of the Yukon or simply not offered at all, including:

  • Rear Seat Audio Controls
  • Auto Dimming Rearview Mirror
  • Illuminated Vanity Mirrors for Driver and Passenger
  • Universal Garage Door Opener


2016 Ford Expedition XLT Ingot Silver

Function comes first in an SUV, but you shouldn't have to sacrifice riding in style to the altar of practicality. Luckily, with the 2016 Ford Expedition, you don't have to. On the outside, the Expedition boasts a sleeker profile than the boxier Yukon, sporting chrome-tipped exhaust pipes and a chrome strip across the back. The interior is a definite upgrade from the chunky consoles of the Yukon as well, housing an 8-inch central touch screen and two 4.2-inch color screens astride the steering wheel, all housed in layers of wood grain and metallic trim to enhance the luxurious feel of the tech. And when you're taking a beautiful Sunday drive, you can make use of the available Sun/Moon roof in the Expedition to see the stars or feel the wind in your hair, a feature the Yukon just doesn't offer.



2016 Ford Expedition Towing

For all the places you'll be taking your SUV, you need the peace of mind that only the safest of modern vehicles can provide. The 2016 Ford Expedition has you fully covered here: it boasts a 5-star overall safety rating, the highest score the government can give a vehicle. The Yukon? It only managed to score four stars, a difference in quality that is frankly shocking given its inflated price point. The 2016 Ford Expedition also offers several safety features that the Yukon does not, including:

  • Standard Trailer Sway Control: Keep your trailer under control with this system, which utilizes dedicated technology to minimize trailer sway
  • Blind-Spot Safety Monitors: Stay alert of the entire road, not just what's in front of you, with these cutting edge safety monitors, which keep you abreast of what's happening in your blind spots.

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