Caring for our guests and our team members is a pillar of Arlington Heights Ford.
Given the spread of the coronavirus to Illinois, we are reinforcing those core values. And we want to communicate what we are working on with our team so that we can continue to deliver first-class service to you, while doing our part to protect your health, as well as that of our team and the broader community.
We continue to monitor the coronavirus situation closely. The dealership is and will continue to be guided in our response by recommendations from the CDC, Illinois Healthcare and Family Services, and the local health department.
Our team prides itself on maintaining a professional, clean dealership. We are doubling down on those efforts. Our cleaning staff and our team is deep cleaning on a regular basis, particularly in high-traffic areas. We will continue to clean frequently touched surfaces.
We are also reminding our team of the importance of hand washing. And, while our team with always warmly welcome our guests, for now we are encouraging them to refrain from handshakes and other personal contact.
We are also reminding our team of our policy that if they are under the weather for any reason not to report to work. If anyone shows signs of being ill, they will be sent home and we will ensure they have access to any necessary medical care. Any team member that has been absent due to illness will be asked to provide a doctor's note clearing them to return to work.
We will work with our team members on a one-on-one basis to handle time offer and will offer flexible work arrangements when possible for caring for affected family members, including children that are not in school. We always enjoy welcoming your healthy children to the dealership.
We also ask for your cooperation: if you're not feeling well, please refrain from coming into the dealership to help protect the safety of our customers and our team. We will pick up and drop off your vehicle for any service needs and disinfect the vehicle before driving away and before dropping it back off to you should you need service while you are at home.
Arlington Heights Ford is always open online. You can complete most of your vehicle purchase online, and we will deliver the vehicle and paperwork to your home. You can also reach us during business hours at 847-481-0533 for sales and 847-481-0453 for service.
If we can be of service or if you have any questions or concerns about the dealership, please let us know.

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